Why I decided to start writing this blog

1 February 2019

I welcome you on my personal blog. This blog was born in the process of exploring GatsbyJS framework. Gatsby turned out to be very simple, so gradually this experiment evolved into something bigger than simple pet project.

The main objectives of the blog

1. Writing articles.

According to research research the more you write about something, the more of that information remain in your head. Furthermore, writing an article requires an extensive research on the subject. Thus, it's a way to learn something new and save well structured information in brain.

2. Learn how to express my thoughts in English.

To date, I well understand English: whatch TV series and movies, read books and articles in English. However, sometimes I can't string two sentences together. Thus, this blog is an attempt to get out of my comfort zone.

What I plan to write about

1. Data-science and machine learning

At the moment my main interests are related to data-science and machine learning. Moreover, most of work time I develop web-applications, therefore main theme of articles will be about development and data analysis.

2. Book reviews

I read a lot and want to share usefull observations from the books.

End of first post. Subscribe, add to bookmarks - lets begin the journey.

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