Coursera & John Hopkins «Data science specialization» review

24 May 2019

After long and difficult process of writing my dissertation I decided to structure knowledge gained during the studies. For this I decided to take an online course. After examining many reviews and responses I drew attention on John Hopkins «Data science specialization». Completed course in my spare time in 5-6 hours per week. Now it is time to share my own review.

First of all, it is worth noting that specialization seems to have done the job on 100 percent. I am satisfied with gained knowledge. After completing the course I got full understanding of what data science is and which skills I should develop.


  1. Well structured. After completing the course you get full understanding of real research steps.
  2. Well balanced. Large amount of necessary theory supported with real practical examples. The course is simple in terms of understanding, however, has large amount of usefull information.


  1. Last course of specialization (capstone project) is not related to previous specialization steps. Knowledge gained from first nine courses is not useful in capstone project.
  2. Personally, I prefer Python. However, study of R language was very useful and interesting.
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