Open machine learning course ( response

8 July 2019

Most practice oriented course. Furthermore, it's free. This course gives a complete understanding of how real data scientist work is arranged. Unfortunately, you're starting to understand that it is not romantic at all - only hard scrupulous work! However, it is very interesting stuff. In my opinion, this course coupled with Andrew Ng course will full understanding of data science field fundamentals.

My first goal was just to complete course. In ther process I've decided to enter the top 100. It wasn't easy, but I got away with it.


  1. Competetitive spirit forces you to get ahead of yourself.
  2. As close to the real work as possible.
  3. Provides introduction to Kaggle platform.
  4. Strict deadlines. You snooze, you lose. How everything in real life: there is no time, you should make fast decisions.


  1. The theory is given in too large chunks and sometimes is inconsistent.
  2. You can't take course whenever you want. Necessary to wait course start and sometimes you are busy at that moment.
  3. Bad course structure. Weak connectedness between topicks. There is no knowledge cumulative effect.

P.S .: I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the course organizers

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